SIC 2014: PIKE UP! Your Chance To Be Part of the Pike Place Market New Waterfront Entrance


Pike Place Market, New Waterfront Entrance

Pike Place Market, New Waterfront Entrance

“Pike Up!” That’s the call to action to help secure a once-in-a-lifetime improvement to one of Seattle’s beloved landmarks, Pike Place Market. At this year’s Seattle Interactive Conference, an audience was treated to a presentation by two of Seattle’s leading agencies, Wexley School for Girls and Slalom Consulting, to discuss the campaign to complete the 40-year vision to connect the Market to Seattle’s waterfront. It’s quite a job ahead and Pike Up! is a campaign that taps into the excitement and significance of this project.

It comes down to being at the right place at the right time. Seattle is always in flux. Right now, we’re anticipating a new big tunnel and, with that, we’ll say goodbye to the Seattle viaduct. It is this big change that makes possible a long held dream of connecting the Seattle waterfront to Pike Place Market. For the presentation at SIC, Patricia Gray, Capital Campaign Manager for Pike Place Market Foundation, provided a look back at the Market’s history and development through the years dating back to 1907. The Market reached a point by the 1960s where it was falling into decline threatening its existence by developers. It took a people’s crusade and advocates like Victor Steinbrueck to set the Market on a new path. Today it is the state’s largest tourist draw.

The Pike Up! campaign will help raise 9 million dollars to go towards improving existing low income and senior housing, social services, and the costs of expansion. Pike Place Market is a lot of things. It is a multitude of local growers and shop owners and home to many in need. It is a place for community. And it is human connection, a great gathering place, and a symbol of a great city. You can be part of this next big step for Pike Place Market by donating to the campaign and having your name or message appear on either one of the Market Charms or one of the Billy the Pig hoof prints that will run down the new path connecting the Market and the Seattle waterfront.

If you’re in Seattle, you will definitely want to come out to Pike Place Market, right under the iconic Market sign, on Thursday, October 30, at noon, and view a little launch parade for the campaign. Pike Up! will become better known to you soon, within the next few weeks. This SIC presentation offered up a glimpse into the creative process and preparations. As this campaign is in support of such an iconic and treasured landmark, it was determined that something iconic would need to lead the way, something like Milton Glaser’s “I Love NY” logo. And so, Pike Up! was born.

Be sure to visit the Pike Up! site right here.

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