Review: HALOGEN #1 (of 4)


How would you ever go about finding a dead god? What would a dead god look like? This is part of what’s going on in, “HaloGen,” a very quirky sci-fi adventure. Assuming that you can even perceive a god, which we’ll go ahead and assume, then you’ve got the backbone to quite a story. And our lead character, Rell, seems to be up for it. As far as I’m concerned, this girl could be a god of sorts herself.

The name of the game is find a dead god. It had been found. It was supposed to be taken away by the authorities, in the form of Securicorp. But now it seems to have vanished. It’s up to Rell and her team at HaloGen to make things right. In the course of making things right, there are a number of players set on doing the opposite. We follow Rell around as she engages in some snarky office banter with HaloGen staff and tries to explain meeting up the night before with a sexy dude from Securicorp. Was he really interested in her or was he trying to find out about her halographic powers? Maybe a bit of both.

Overall, the high quirk factor to this story by Josh Tierney is very appealing. The art by Afu Chan, with colors by Shelly Cehn, is also very pleasing. But, most importantly, this narrative flows really well and has a high level of clarity. We end up with a lot of things in play in this first issue. We’ve got data that’s been compromised and a dead god’s body in danger of being exploited. Lots of stuff going on. It’s great to know the creative team has a good handle on it. I look forward to lots more.

“HaloGen #1” is part of the Archaia imprint from Boom! Studios and is available as of March 4. Boom! Studios has published four books thus far in Josh Tierney’s Spera series because they love his characters and storytelling. Now, Tierney teams up with fellow webcomic creators Afu Chan (Spera) and Giannis Milonogiannis (Old City Blues, Prophet) for this new creator-owned, sci-fi adventure. For more details, visit our friends at Boom! Studios right here.

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