Hurricane Nancy: LION and SNAKE REDUX

Art by Hurricane Nancy. Color by Henry Chamberlain.

Here is a variation on Hurricane Nancy‘s Lion and Snake from our previous visit. This time around we add a duck for good luck. I really have to hand it to the artist for such an uninhibited and lively style. Nancy’s art invites the viewer the enter a dream space and wander around! I add color to Nancy’s art at my own risk but with her permission. That said, I hope you like it. Hurricane Nancy adds her own touch of pizzazz here at Comics Grinder and she is always welcome.



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2 responses to “Hurricane Nancy: LION and SNAKE REDUX

  1. Doug

    The coloring on this is amazing, it added a lot more life to the kartoon komic. When I first looked at Nancy’s piece I smiled and that says it all. It got a nice big smile from me. Nothing else to add and a smile says it all.

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