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Andy Diggle Leaves Action Comics


What has to be a comics shocker, news is out that Andy Diggle has stepped down as the next writer for “Action Comics.” Even before the first issue released, Andy Diggle announced that he will not succeed Grant Morrison as writer on “Action Comics.” This is what Andy Diggle had to say on Twitter, March 20, 2013:

“Sadly, I’ve decided to walk away from Action Comics for professional reasons.

It was the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make, especially with Superman’s 75th anniversary and Man of Steel on the horizon.

But it was the right decision. No regrets. Onwards!

Sincere thanks to Matt Idelson for inviting me to follow Grant Morrison on Action Comics. I hope we still get to work together someday.

Thank you to all the fans who’ve expressed their enthusiasm in anticipation of my run.

I wish nothing but the best of luck to whichever new creative team picks up the red boots and cape.

Many of you were planning to pick up Action Comics for the first time. I hope you still do.”

Andy Diggle is an immense talent. You can currently catch his writing, teamed up again with the artist Jock, for the short series, “Snapshot,” published by Image Comics. There is also “Doctor Who” for IDW; “Thief of Thieves,” with Skybound; and “Uncanny” with Dynamite. Yes, the man is busy. But this is “Action Comics” we’re talking about! Well, some things are meant to be.

Tony Daniel, the artist for this next round of “Action Comics,” will now be both artist and writer for the remainder of the run.

Add this news to Josh Fialkov walking away as writer for “Green Lantern Corps” and “Red Lanterns.” In that case, Fialkov would not go along with plans by DC Comics to kill off a key Green Lantern character, John Stewart.

The news of Andy Diggle’s departure can only open up the wounds from Rob Liefeld leaving DC Comics while he was writer on three titles, “Hawkman,” “Deathstoke,” and “Grifter.” This story is all about alleged editorial interference with the writer and provides a window into the process. This is what Liefeld had to say on Twitter on August 22, 2012 about his departure:

Last week my editor said “early on we had a lot of indie talent that weren’t used to re-writes and changes…made it hard.” Uh, no, it’s you.

We wish everyone the best. It is unfortunate but it appears to explain a lot.


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SNAPSHOT #2 Review


It is so great to see Andy Diggle and Jock working together again. “Snapshot #2” (of 4) kicks this noir adventure into high gear. And all in glorious black & white! Yes, if you’re familiar with these guys, you know that b&w is the way to go. The premise: A young man picks up a smartphone in the park and nothing is ever the same again. This isn’t like just calling up the owner and having a million thank-you’s thrown your way. No, this phone is connected to the world finance underground. Once you’ve tapped into that crazy shit, well, you don’t come back.

Now, let me talk to Andy Diggle and Jock fans and, if you’re new, please join in. Okay, so you know why you love Andy Diggle, right? The guy knows how to juggle clues, keep the plot moving, and make you glad you’re not the one running for your life in the pages you’re reading. And, Jock, we love the guy. Talk about a straight edge style so sharp along with a fluid sensibility. This guy loves what he does. He has a signature style that fits just right for that Diggle gritty worldview. If you haven’t gotten a chance, pick up “The Losers” and all this will totally make sense. Think mayhem with style. Andy’s crisp crime writing is in full effect in “The Rat Catcher” so pick that up too. You’ll also want to get Jock’s run on “Detective Comics.”

What a tight story this is. One false move, and our main character, Jake Dobson, a 19-year-old who works in a comics shop, is found accused of murder while being pursued by killers. It seems like he can’t loosen the noose around his neck but, so far, he manages to avoid a number of close calls. He can consider himself lucky but he would much prefer not to need the by-the-skin-your-teeth-you-were-just-about-to-die kind of luck. But he’s not alone. In this issue, he meets a teen girl named, Callie Twain, and she’s much deeper into this mess.


All Callie wants is to find her dad. It’s been a terrible time for Callie. Her mom passed away. She knows her dad loves her and she has always relied upon him. Trouble is, her dad is tied in with some very bigger players in world finance and he somehow stumbled upon some things he shouldn’t know. Now, he’s missing; Callie’s life is in danger; and you already know that Jake’s life is totally in danger too. It is so hanging by a thread that you wonder how he will survive the pages of the next issue.


If you enjoy a story where all hell breaks loose within a thoughtfully crafted story, then “Snapshot” is for you. If you are entertained by dramatic car chases and exquisitely drawn explosions, smashed cars, and all manner of chaos, well, there you go…”Snapshot.”

“Snapshot #2” (of 4) is a March 6 release. Visit our friends at Image Comics.

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