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Movie Review: WISH I WAS HERE


Zach Braff is such a likable person that we feel we know him. With his new film, “Wish I Was Here,” he plays off that familiarity and offers up a subversively genial story. Braff brings to this a masterful grasp of tone. He is not giving us a typical foray into mainstream comedy. It’s not even a typical foray into independent “cinema.” There’s more heart in this film than you might expect delivered in what one would hope is developing into Mr. Braff’s signature style. You have a common thread running from this new film and 2004’s “Garden State” and that is the universal need to love and be loved, to make sense of the world, and to rise to the occasion.

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There are crowdfunding gurus analyzing the phenomenal success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign and concluding that it’s okay if you’re a big fish going after the same dollars all the little fish are going after. I don’t see a problem with it. It’s all relative. Zach Braff is considered a big fish by you and me but maybe not so big compared to Hollywood wheeler dealers. In the end, people are going to back whatever they find compelling. If Zach Braff wants to jump in and be the next Veronic Mars success story then so be it. That’s exactly what he’s doing in his Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his next movie, “Wish I Was Here.”

You should check it out just to marvel over the tote board. I swear, as you settle down in your seat, suddenly Zach just got a couple more backers. As you scratch your nose, three more backers. As your jaw goes a bit slack, five more backers.

What’s the lesson for those of us who are conducting our own Kickstarter campaigns? I think it’s something like: Embrace your pathetic little life and dream big! You too can be Veronic Mars if Zach Braff doesn’t take all the money first! No, wait, that’s not it. No, it’s something like: Veronic Mars for Everyone! There’s room for all creative spirits in the big Kickstarter melting pot! Yeah, something like that.

Well, I invited Zach Braff to do an interview with me. I know, it’s just a big obvious ploy to try to win over some of his fans to my own cause, right? Well, yes and no. Actually, I’ll side more with a really big No! I like Zach Braff and I was a fan of “Garden State.” So, it’s all good. Who isn’t a fan of Zach Braff? He’s a likable guy. I’m a likable guy too. So, it just makes sense to have two likable guys sit down and chat for a bit over a friendly interview. Noting wrong with that.

Yes, you guessed it, as my Kickstarter campaign gets closer to its last stage (it ends May 6), I’m pulling out all the stops: absurd humor and very blatant comparisons to Zach Braff. There’s no end to it. One big difference, however, is that his project is a movie and mine is a book of comics, A NIGHT AT THE SORRENTO AND OTHER STORIES. In fact, if you love Zach Braff and his sense of humor, well, there’s a really good chance you’ll enjoy my book!

Catch Zach Braff over at Kickstarter here. And catch my Kickstarter campaign over here.

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