SPIKE #4 Review

Part 4 (of 5) to “A Dark Place” cinches it for readers: this is, no doubt, a very well-constructed story. It inspired a bit of fan art on my part above. And what you see above is the heart of the matter: Morgan is determined to charm Spike and looks like she’s succeeding while Sebastian and Frisky scramble to do something about it! For all Buffy loyalists who wondered if Victor Gischler’s script made any sense, well, this script knows where it’s headed and makes a lot of sense. Whatever happens next, Morgan has earned her place as a Buffy character.

And Frisky and Sebastian have definitely earned their keep as they battle amongst themselves on the best way to protect their master. I will never tire of these giant insects! A sampling of a priceless exchange between the two of them: Sebastian is getting anxious and says, “Spike has become fond of the demon woman. If he discovers we plot against her, he will surely see it as mutiny.” Frisky tries to reason, “We do not plot. But we do prepare.” Call it what you will, but Frisky has been hard at work on a contingency plan and is ready to spring it into action sooner than later.

And so the story develops in this way: We have Sebastian and Frisky, one couple at each other throats; and we have Spike and Morgan, also at quite close proximity. Thanks to the art team of Paul Lee (pencils) and Andy Owens (inks) both couples get the special attention that they require as we go back and forth. And, speaking of back and forth, this issue gives us an even deeper conversation between Spike and Morgan. They are heading down a path and they’re reaching a fork in the road. We know what Morgan would like to see happen. She is virtually drawing Spike a map.

It’s getting dangerously close to putting two and two together. Frisky seems to be on the right track but Sebastian simply won’t listen, won’t go beyond having a contingency plan in place. Frisky tries again: “And we are simply to aid this woman in gaining access to a hellmouth? Can that be good?” Just as Sebastian rebukes that statement, in a flash, we see Spike and Morgan appear from a hatch door and interrupt them. Spike wants to know what all the commotion is about. Oh, nothing, just us insects.

Moment by moment, the plot thickens as Frisky becomes more and more convinced to take action while feelings get hotter and hotter between Spike and Morgan. Well, something must come to a head! And, when it does, everyone needs to take action, some kind of action, leading us to quite a conclusion in our next issue.

“Spike #4” is on sale November 21. Visit our friends at Dark Horse Comics.

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