The second and final chapter to “Billy The Vampire Slayer” rounds out for us a portrait of a new slayer. Drew Z. Greenberg’s script picks up where Jane Espenson left off last month. Both are seasoned Buffy television writers so they can be counted upon to know when a character is ready to cry, or laugh, or go into mortal combat. These are all things our hero, Billy, is called upon to do in this issue so he’s in good hands.

With great experience also comes greater ease in storytelling. Greenberg gives herself the time to allow Billy to express his doubts, his impatience and his euphoria when the time comes. One thing readers are always looking for are the quiet moments that tell us about the characters and their motivations. In the case of Billy, he seeks justice and he seeks intimacy. What if he could have both?

Well, it’s no secret that this intro to Billy is as much a love story as a coming-of-age story. That said, it’s hard not to have a coming-of-age story also be a love story. Billy’s love is Devon, a fellow classmate who is the coolest kid in high school. He’s also Billy’s watcher in charge of training him. That leads to a question. If Billy is the first male slayer, then what does that make Devon? I guess it’s a matter of protocol, right? Billy is the first to fall within the ranks of actual slayers, who are traditionally female, I guess. Anyhow, Devon and Billy get to spend a lot of time together and they like each other but Billy doesn’t know if it’s just “like” or if it’s “like like,” that sort of thing. It doesn’t matter that Devon, at every turn, helps him out and is loyal to him. Billy just doesn’t quite get it.

And then the zompires come through and, if they get anything right, it will be to finally get Billy and Devon together! Sometimes you need a zompie apocalypse meltdown to stoke the fires of love. And then, and this should not be spolier, amid the mayhem and destruction, Devon and Billy kiss. They are together and they can get their zompire fight on!

How compelling Billy will be as an ongoing character is still unclear but this was a good story and a good start. I sense we’d need some conflict to give Billy a bigger role to play. For now, welcome Billy, we’re happy to have you around.

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #15” is out November 14. Be sure to visit our friends at Dark Horse Comics.

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