For the Star Wars fan who has everything, how about this beauty: a delightful R2D2 patch!

Of course, it depends on how badly you want this bad boy. There will be hoops a plenty to jump through. First, this is a Free Comic Book Day exclusive so you have to jump through that hoop on May 4. Then you have to go to your local participating comics shop. But is it participating and to what extent? Ah, there’s the rub.

Assuming you’ve made it this far, the store will undoubtedly place a condition between you and the coveted patch. But what will it be? A minimum purchase of $10 or more? Well, maybe. Some stores may ask more of you, ranging from asking you to speak to the finer distinctions in Star Wars canon to the more obscure aspects of the recent Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm.

Then, and only then, this patch could be yours. It is rumored to be a limited edition of only 1,000, and personally hand-stitched by master Star Wars patch designer Kevin Liell.

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