Ron Drummond and ‘The First Woman on Mars’


Writer, editor, and independent scholar Ron Drummond’s story, “The First Woman on Mars,” was recently published in the prestigious international journal of art and ideas, White Fungus.

White Fungus Issue No. 13 is a 196-page trade paperback with approximately 50,000 words of text and lots of great art and photography, plus a 20-page original comic written and drawn by New Zealand artist Tim Bollinger. The issue devotes 32 pages to “The First Woman on Mars”, which is the first article in the magazine. Check out the White Fungus website and you can purchase a copy of the magazine here.

Ron Drummond reading "The First Woman On Mars"

Ron Drummond reading “The First Woman On Mars”

Ron Drummond is an excellent writer and has an engaging personality, as you will see from this lively reading. Drummond has an energy about him that is hard to resist. He has an undying idealism mixed in with a great sense of wonder. “The First Woman on Mars” is a science fiction piece as well as an essay. It is a rallying cry for space exploration, particularly developing a human presence on Mars. Science fiction has ridden the wave of scientific advancement from its earliest inception. Sci-Fi has entertained, advised, and foretold about great things to come. In that spirit, Drummond gives us his story about, and his proposal for, the first woman on Mars. It’s a story that will have you thinking and is sure to entertain and inspire.

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