Kids and bugs go together like peanut butter and jelly, right? Not if it’s a story by David Lapham. In issue #27 of “Dark Horse Presents,” we get part 2 of “Squish: A Juice Squeezers Tale” and it gives a whole new meaning to bug juice. It’s up to an A-team of kids to save the family farm. You get a feeling of kid power akin to “Stand By Me” as Eric, the leader, barks out orders and all the other kiddos follow.

Them bugs are big and juicy! Nice and crunchy too. It’s going to be a long and weird fight ahead. Considering Mr. Lapham’s amazing work for more mature readers, it’s cool to see this engaging all-ages story from him. The man writes and draws his own work and he’s versatile too. What a guy.

The subterranean is depicted with gusto. It reminds me of what Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker did with the spelunking thriller, “Underground.” While the story appears pretty simple (bugs vs. kids), I don’t know exactly where it’s headed. I am anticipating some of that Lapham element of surprise. It all adds up to another breakout title from DHP. Cause that’s what you can expect from this mighty eighty-page comics anthology series. Your latest issue is available as of August 21. Visit our friends at Dark Horse Comics here.

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