Review: EGOs #1, published by Image Comics


“EGOs” is a sci-fi comic that is crunchy and substantial, just my kind of treat. Created by writer Stuart Moore and artist Gus Storms, the story takes off with interesting observations from the narrator and quick-paced action front and center. This is a killer opener as we observe a lone figure of a jaded old space warrior. This is The Planetarian and he’s a profiler who can detect clues on a world-scale, as opposed to just a boring little ole crime scene. As the narration continues above his head, we learn this guy is not exactly the heroic type but he gets the job done. He gets it done well enough to clue us in on Masse, a larger-than-life baddie that has resurfaced after many years.


The sci-fi gives way to a little superhero flavor as we get to know the EGOs team that’s been around to help Earthgov all these years. It’s a little distracting to have a line-up of the all-star cast a quarter of the way into the story. Better to just have them become known as things unfold but just a minor quibble. On the other hand, it does seem to fit into the tongue-in-cheek vibe that runs throughout. We do want to take these characters, with all their powers, seriously but maybe not too seriously.

The narrative is full of all the fun factoids you’d want in your science fiction. This is a time in the distant future where Earthgov is colonizing other worlds in a hit or miss fashion. Not much, if anything, was gleaned from dealing with sustainability issues back on Earth. No, you just do whatever and hope for the best, or not even hope, just do. It’s when we’re digging through these facts that you have one fun thread to work with. And then we get some superhero stuff, like that line-up presenting your EGOs (Earth/Galactic Operatives) team. Then you go back down to learn about domestic life on one of these colonies. Then some more superhero stuff. It’s not a bad mix and, as things settle into place, it looks like it will work out.

The art has a nice Moebius bite to it. So, maybe you can let that be your guide: expect nerdy, layered sci-fi, superhero hijinks, all mixed together with a quirky sense of humor.
And, by the way, there’s a cool discussion at the end of the book between the creators Moore and Storms. It’s at a favorite local bar in Brooklyn. They come across as two thoughtful and funny guys. We should be a nice run for this three-issue miniseries.

“EGOs #1” is available as of January 15, 2014. EGOs is a Botfriend Production. Visit our friends at Image Comics here.

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