Wonder Woman with Tattoos

Art by Cheyenne Randall

Art by Cheyenne Randall

Have you ever noticed how clean-cut our superheroes are? Do any of them have even one tat? Maybe Tony Stark.

Thanks to artist Cheyenne Randall, we can now see Wondy with tats. View more of this amazing work here.


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4 responses to “Wonder Woman with Tattoos

  1. As someone with tats and aspirations to be a superhero I’ve come to realize my tats will always give away my secret identity, “Oh look at that rip in his suit… ace of spades? James has that tattoo… huh.” Mind you Tony is pretty up front about his being Iron Man now a days.

    • Yes, maintaining one’s secret identity is crucial. Of course, if you’re cool, you’ll find a way. Just have a tat that is not normally seen by the public. But, if you’re up for it, then get those sleeves!

  2. Stephanie Kelly

    Is there any way to get a print of this art work? It would really be perfect.

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