There is something quietly brewing over at “Nightworld,” a comic published by Image Comics, that has a haunting and elegant vibe to it. The above image, just to give one example, is remarkably strange, don’t you think? See how it depicts these night creatures and gives you a sense of volume, movement, and mystery. That alone, gets my attention. And then perhaps you want to start to tick off the references and influences, talk about Jack Kirby, and you’d be right to do so.

This collaboration between writer Adam McGovern, artist/creator Paolo Leandri, and colorist Dominic Regan is paying homage to a dizzy assortment of work, both hi and low. Speaking of which, Adam McGovern is a regular contributor to Hilowbrow, one of the web’s leading voices commenting on culture, pop or otherwise.



This is a story of one noble demon, Plenilunio, who seeks the Soul Key in order to save his entranced lover, Lidia. But the Devil has plans of his own and between is trusty servants, Hotspot and Hellena, he means to maintain the satanic order of things.



This is a mashup of Dante’s Inferno and horror movies. This is, as McGoven describes, “retro style and pomo storytelling.” Or how about this praise from novelist Junot Díaz: “A wonderful kinetic paean to comics of your youth — funny and razor smart with Kirby lines like you wouldn’t believe. McGovern and Leandri kill it.”

Ultimately, what you have here is a vehicle for some truly awesome comics. Judging by these last two issues, the creative team is living up to their ambitions and deliver a comic that is brainy, bawdy, and full of good laughs.

The second issue of this four-part series is available now. For more information, visit our friends at Image Comics right here.


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