Review: DEBBIE’S INFERNO by Anne Emond


In her new mini-comic, “Debbie’s Inferno,” Anne Emond takes us deep into the nightmares and misgivings of a young woman and all we have to do is sit back and be amused. There’s plenty to be amused about since Emond is a crackerjack cartoonist in the vein of Lynda Barry. With a spare line and a whimsical touch, she distills angst down to wise and funny bits.

We mostly see the two main characters, Debbie, and her wise and conversant cat. The panels are laid out on a repetitive grid where we mostly see two talking heads, one human, one animal. The two heads are appealing and animated so it’s not so much a problem as a style choice. Emond does break up the space as we travel through Debbie’s own particular circles of hell.

One funny break finds Debbie contemplating the activity at one stop where everyone roams around naked endlessly carousing. She thinks it might be a good idea to stay a while. The cat assures her it would be a mistake. But why? she asks. It gets boring, says the cat. Really? pleads Debbie.

Emond has a sure hand and clearly loves what she’s doing. It’s great deadpan and droll humor. I look forward to seeing more.

“Debbie’s Inferno” is a mini-comic by Anne Emond, published by Retrofit Comics and Big Planet Comics. Visit Anne Emond here. You can find “Debbie’s Inferno” at comiXology right here.

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