Bitch Media Needs Your Help: At Halfway Point to Reach Goal by Sep 25

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BITCH MEDIA celebrates over 20 years of award-winning, nonprofit, feminist response to pop culture. Due to COVID-19 and the economic downturn, Bitch Media is in danger of ceasing operation. Help Bitch Media keep up the good fight with a donation by joining its campaign that closes on September 25, 2020. Donate, join, or subscribe today.

Bitch Media

Press release follows:

We’re officially halfway to the September 25 deadline of our campaign to raise $75,000. By now, I’d hoped to have raised half our goal—$37,500—to ensure that Bitch is here to to equip you with the context and community you need leading up to this pivotal election, but the truth is we still have a ways to go to get to the halfway mark in actual money raised.

So if you have 60 seconds this morning, will you make a donation right now and help us get to $37,500 by tonight?

I’m not entirely surprised to find us here. This year has been an exhausting competition for limited attention, energy, and resources—whether it’s COVID, the wildfires engulfing the West Coast, or the looming election, anxiety is everywhere. And it is affecting our community. Rage members have had to cancel their memberships this month, sponsors who would normally be eager to work with us are having to strip their businesses down to essentials, and university campuses that have had to close their doors to students aren’t even contemplating hosting speakers (or the crowds that follow).

Readers like you have always been our buoy in times of crisis. And right now, when we’re faced with crises from every angle, it will be our own community, who knows our work and why it is so critically important, that will keep Bitch here for the long haul—if you act now.

Bitch can’t stop fundraising right now. So please pitch in and support the work that you value from Bitch: whether that’s the magazine,, or our emails and social media. It is going to take every reader from the Bitch community to make our $75,000 goal by September 25th. So if you’re reading this, we need you now. Donate, join, or subscribe today and help us to get to closer to the $37,500 halfway point.

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