Hurricane Nancy: LION and SNAKE DANCE

Art by Hurricane Nancy. Color by Henry Chamberlain

Hurricane Nancy offers us a portrait of a Lion and a clown. Does the Lion have something to do with the Year of the Tiger? Or is the Lion just waiting for the rest of the trio, the Unicorn and the Bear? On another track, think of this: We have three twos in this year! But it gets better come February the 22nd. On that date, you’ll have the 22nd day of the 2nd month of the year 2022, and on a Tuesday, for a true Twosday! Maybe the clown atop the lion is a nod to the magic and wonderment in the air.

Art by Hurricane Nancy. Color by Henry Chamberlain

And then we also have a Snake Dance. When it comes to snakes, we all have our own feelings towards these slithery reptiles. Snakes can strike fear or excite the sensual. Indeed, a snake runs the gamut and symbolizes death, rebirth, change, and sexuality. The whole spectrum of life! And, once again, I took the liberty of adding a splash of color. Hope you like it.


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6 responses to “Hurricane Nancy: LION and SNAKE DANCE

  1. Doug

    Once again another home run by Krazi Nancy. From the Lion and clown what immediately made an impression on me was that the attitude of the clown towards life was that of a non serious participant. That life can be fun and the clown is making it that way , even affecting the lion. As far as the snakes…sensual is the word . The description mentions this also and the color adds to it. Good stuff

  2. Dougl

    Totally with you on this . The fun comes through on the pieces .

  3. Hope you like this🙂
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