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One of the most endearing things you’ll see in the documentary, “Cartoon College,” a 2012 film by Josh Melrod and Tara Wray, is Lynda Barry’s declaration of love for anyone who is a cartoonist. Lynda Barry is an interesting case in point. Her style is “outsider” raw while, at the same time, highly sophisticated. It won’t be mistaken for Rembrandt but it’s not supposed to be. Lynda Barry’s comics are authentic, entertaining, and thought-provoking. But can you teach someone how to become another Lynda Barry?

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Lynda Barry Fights the “Green” Power

Nice to see cartoonist Lynda Barry fighting for what she believes in. I wouldn’t have thought there was anything wrong with wind power but, when money is involved, anything can get corrupted.

Director Laura Israel and Lynda Barry talk about the controversy over wind turbines in this photo taken at the first annual DOC NYC, New York’s premiere documentary festival, held Nov. 3 thru Nov. 9. Israel directed “Windfall,” a revealing look at wind energy that tells the story of residents of Meredith, NY, who are divided when companies want to build wind turbines in the traditional dairy farm community.


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