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“Binah,” in Jewish tradition, refers to wisdom and is the uppermost feminine element in the Godhead.

“Binah” is also the title of a graphic novel and a Kickstarter success story. It has reached one goal and is still going strong. Support the campaign here.

And “Binah,” the graphic novel, is one of the great things that can happen when superhero sensibilities mix with alternative comics. Some have called this type of mashup, “fusion comics.” Call it what you will, writer Ben Malkin and illustrator Ian Densford, have created something special.

This is the story of a woman, Binah, who is tired of all the nuclear posturing in her country and neighboring countires. It is only a matter of time before there is a conflict. One day, Binah, receives what she believes to be a sign from God. This triggers her to lead a movement to relocate her home and holy land before it’s too late. Incidentally, Binah has superpowers as do her inner team.

This Kickstarter project has successfully reached its initial funding goal and is currently pursuing stretcher goals to refine the project. You can find it all under, the Kickstarter campaign, “The ‘Binah’ Comics & Solilians 7-Inch Vinyl” which you can view here.

As an accompaniment to the comic, there is a 7″ vinyl that is part of the Kickstarter rewards system. Solilians is a showcase of space rock bands that you can find out more about here.

I got a chance to have an interview with both Ben and Ian and we discussed their current project, plans for the future, and a variety of thoughts on comics. Ben has some definite favorites which include Alan Moore, Harvey Pekar, and Brian Michael Bendis. Ian’s favorites include Mike Mignola and Cyril Pedrosa.

Listen to the full podcast interview here:


You can keep up with “Binah” and Ben Malkin and Ian Densford at www.goodbyebetter.com. Also check out “Binah” here. And for more on what Ian Densford is up to with his art and illustrations, go here.


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