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Hurricane Nancy: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

We are ringing in a new year and coasting along a bit during the holidays, getting our bearings as we contemplate doing it all over again. What a treat to have Hurricane Nancy with us to share more of her work. This is what Nancy says about the above artwork: “If only life was this simple. I could dress up and be whatever I want for any occasion. Not get sick or worry about our future. Just dress up and decide to make a great holiday and bright future!”

And Nancy has this to say about the second artwork: “As I look around here I see lots of characters who play at making the Christmas season a real joy for all.”

Nancy Burton

And, yes, this is the same underground comics superstar that is included in Drew Friedman’s new book, Maverix and Lunatix! Check out Paul’s review! Here again is Drew’s portrait of Nancy!


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