The pages to “Monstrosis,” a tribute to Jack Kirby and other greats of the space-age comics era are, pardon the pun, something to Marvel over. Marvel comics led the way in creating monsters and great acts of superheroics in a certain way. It was the Marvel way: clenched jaws, squared off shoulders, angular muscles, clipped speech. Author/Illustrator Chris Wisnia fully embraces it. This comic book has recently been collected into a graphic novel format and, be it parody or tribute, it wastes no time in getting the reader deep into this classic mindset. While one comic book of this goofy goodness might provide a good jolt. Be warned, this whole collection could send you into pop culture shock.

If you are a true fan of this stuff, you will eat it up and plead for more. If you’re sort of new to this or enjoy a gag on a specific subject the first or second time around but not over and over again, then this may not be for you. Rest assured, there are plenty of readers who will have no problem at all with the content here. The good news, the very good  news, is that, if you’re into this sort of stuff, this is done pretty well. The problem is that, as a full narrative, the adventures of Doris Danger, ace photojournalist, will come up a bit short. As it stands, this collection has potential. It may even have a future as an animated series if it’s refined some more story-wise. As for the art, it is often quite brilliant. Mr. Wisnia might consider showing pages from the book in a gallery setting.

“Monstrosis: The Russian Giant Monster Conspiracy” is a 176-page hardcover, listed at $24.95, published by SLG Publishing and available October 19, 2012. Visit SLG Publishing.

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