Webcomic Review: STAR POWER by Michael Terraciano and Garth Graham


Guest Review by Brittany DeSalvo

Star Power is a new futuristic sci-fi comic, the first issue of which came out in February 2013, by writer Michael Terracciano (Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire) and artist Garth Graham (Comedity and Finder’s Keepers). On the web, Star Power is a webcomic which updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To date, issues one and two have been released in print at conventions and the webcomic is on chapter #3 as of October 3rd.

The main character is Danica Maris, a starry-eyed young astrology research lab assistant aboard Space Station Sanctuary Six. Danica, after discovering an intriguing but supposedly unremarkable star she dubs “Mitch,” is transformed in a blinding flash of light into the last of the Star Powered Sentinel – the Star Power. And she is transformed just in the nick of time, because just moments later her residential quarters are blown to smithereens by the Void Angels, enemies to Sanctuary Six and the entire Millennium Federation (the good guys, as far as we can tell so far).

Danica is a likable character. She’s intelligent, but innocent enough that she has an adorable charm. She’s sexy, but beyond her costume, it’s clearly not in a blatant way. Despite being a futuristic new-born superhero living in space, she’s surprisingly relatable and even normal, despite her new powers. When she is first turned and attacked by the Void Angels, she doesn’t get really serious about it until she notices that her beloved telescope “Little Ren” has been destroyed in the fray. After the fight, instead of having a meltdown, she takes a moment to be modestly awestruck by the fact that she is able to be in space without any special equipment.


Unfortunately for them the Void Angels, and even the Void Archons, are not the biggest threat out there. And when the real threat decides to rear its ugly head, Star Power’s ability to defend both herself and the galaxy will really be tested.

The art is just sensational. Garth Graham has proven himself with his other webcomics, and this one does not disappoint. The colors, the environment, the characters – it’s all beautifully done. Even the inside of the covers of the printed works are decorated with stars. An incredible amount of detail goes into both the characters and their surrounding scenery. It’s hard to make your backgrounds unappealing when your characters are floating surrounded by a sea of stars. And those stars, however simple, give Star Power depth and are really what make the scenes outside of the space station stunning.

Garth, the artist, will be attending Rising Star in Bluefield, WV, October 25-26 and both Garth and Michael will be at Youmacon in Detroit, MI, November 1-3. Stop by and visit with them (and be sure to pick up copies of the comic). If you’re a talented fan of their comic, show them by sending fan art to starpoweredemail@gmail.com and maybe you’ll end up on the front page of the website!

About the Author: Brittany DeSalvo is a freelance writer and editor for the start-up nerd site TheNerdyBomb. Her author page is accessible at http://thenerdybomb.com/author/brittany-desalvo/.

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