Review: SALTIRE, published by Diamond Steel Comics


Scottish warriors knew no limits. They would fight to the death, even beyond death, if possible. Scotland has a fierce and passionate history. But, in all this time, it has never had its own superhero. Welcome to Scotland’s first superhero, Saltire. As its creator, John Ferguson states, this is a hero that can embrace both Scotland’s forgotten past and bright future. Here is another comic you will find at Glasgow Comic Con this weekend. Let’s take a look.


With the mighty Ninth Legion of the Roman Empire set to invade, the twelve clans of Scotland call upon their ultimate guardian, Saltire. But the Romans have a supernatural force themselves, Mars Ultor. In the first section to this comic, “Invasion,” we see Saltire in action as he confronts the power of the Romans. And in the second section, “Inception,” we see how Saltire came to be and his early struggles. Altogether, it’s a great debut. Artist Tone Julskjaer and Gary Welsh share an affinity for a painterly style that keeps to the story’s rough and rugged vibe.


“Saltire” should appeal to fans of “Game of Thrones,” as well as anyone who loves a good action-packed superhero story. Visit our friends at Diamond Steel Comics right here.

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