Review: DARK ENGINE #1


“Dark Engine” is a pretty crazy amazing comic. It’s also a quiet comic. While nearly everything imaginable is bubbling and exploding, there is also a steady hum of waiting for what lies ahead. To add to the tension, we’re given a myriad of clues and hints of what’s coming, and even more clues and hints would come if they did not spill off the page.

Ryan Burton’s story is about the origin of a strange world that may have been better off to have never existed. We just don’t know for sure but the times do look pretty grim. Of course, we need to know more. For now, we must follow closely upon the tracks of Sym, a young wild woman, nearly naked and primal to the bone. She runs, stalks, kills. She looks human. She acts animal. She could be something else entirely. And there are a number of parties interested to know more about her.

John Bivens rocks our eyeballs with some of the most exciting artwork this way of an all-night bender comic opera by Paul Pope. We don’t recognize all that we ingest. But we keep taking it in. Did Sym just consume the world and spit back out? Well, something like that. You’ll get happily lost within this multi-layered story. And to think, there’s also a time travel theme in here. You will hardly notice it in this first issue.

This is an all-out beautiful work. Highly imaginative, “Dark Engine” leaves us dark in the jungles in no hurry to find home. This is surely the beginning of yet another exciting ongoing title at Image Comics.

“Dark Engine” is a new comic you will definitely want to follow, available as of July 16. Visit our friends at Image Comics.

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