24HCD 2014: MAX AT HOTEL MAX: A Review and A Recap

I share with you here some of what I’ve accomplished during my 24-hour comics sojourn. I also want to take the opportunity to provide a proper review of Hotel Max.

I can tell you, without a doubt, that Hotel Max is a pure slice of heaven. From the first moments I set foot inside the lobby and enjoyed the art on display to my first impressions of my hotel suite, this is an authentically artful and urbane experience. In fact, the art that I was enjoying in the front lobby is there in connection with the Seattle Art Museum’s exhibition, “Pop Departures,” on display from October 9, 2014 thru January 11, 2015.

I’m an artist and writer, down to the bone, and this just speaks to me. You’ve got engaging contemporary art in the rooms and throughout the hotel. In my room, for example, I have two original works to enjoy by artists I respect, Junko Yamamoto and Kiki McInnis. Both of these artists share a kindred spirit to what I do with my own paintings, drawings, and comics.

Now, the actual room I stayed in is perfect for an artist dude like myself or any urban adventurer. I particularly appreciated the view to all the amazing architecture. I love all those lines and shapes. I just love the city and sense of adventure. You feel like you have a unique perch from where to settle in and take it all in. If you happen to need any creature comforts, they are either a phone call away or there are plenty of snacks at the honor bar by your bed. If you need something harder, well, you know where to look. Oh, and the bed is the crowning achievement: that luxury hotel feel we all love, comfy and cozy.

And what’s a hotel without its signature bar and restaurant? Well, Hotel Max has got you covered with its Miller’s Guild. The steak that Jen and I had just melts in your mouth. And I’m still marveling over the room service breakfast with such gorgeous wedges of potato and generous portions of scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. Wow, you could spend the better part of your stay just at Hotel Max and you won’t miss a thing.

And did I mention the complimentary beer hour? Yes, check it out right here. From 5:30 to 6:30pm, you can sample of pint of a local Pacific Northwest brew. This time around it is a Seattle favorite, Elysian Brewing Company, with its “Night Owl” Pumpkin Ale. It has a subtle sweetness and just what you need to welcome the fall season. I was also welcomed at my hotel suite by a bar of Theo Chocolate, which is such a perfect treat and also made right here in Seattle.

Well, that’s all for now. But there is plenty more ahead. And I have a feeling this won’t be my last visit to our friends at Hotel Max.

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