It is 2843, in Avalon in the Gliese System. The Malory regime has come to an end and nobody cares to celebrate. There are always journalists who wish to report on the scene and they’re not welcome here. So begins an intriguing new comic, “Invisible Republic,” published by Image Comics.


Like the fall of Saigon, it’s a mad scramble for those who want to, and can, get off the remote moon of Avalon. For those less unfortunate, a life full of more struggle prevails. Enter Croger Babb, a literary journalist among the press. He’s the novelist that the other newsies look up to. They’ve given up on pursuing this story while Croger is only getting started. He just picked up an abandoned manuscript off the street by one Maia Reveron that is a gold mine for the right reader.


The story and art to this comic is something to behold. Great creative team: written by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko; art by Hardman; colors by Jordan Boyd; design by Dylan Todd. If you’re seeking out something refreshingly quirky, this is it. A world comes together quite efficiently here. In the span of just a few panels, you’re off and running.

And it’s when Croger finally gets to sit down with his new tome that the story really takes off as we follow Maia, and her cousin, Arthur, on their journey on Avalon some forty years prior. It’s a remarkably well-paced story and lets you take in details as it builds up to crackling action. The artwork certainly drives the narrative as much as the text with vigor. It feels like each facial expression and each backdrop pulls you in. And then our story takes another turn as the character of Arthur comes into sharp focus.

The creative team of Bechko and Hardman have also created “Heathentown,” a horror story set in the Florida Everglades. And you’ll want to look up Gabriel Hardman’s “Kinksi,” a wild romp of a dognapping tale.

“Invisible Republic #1” is available as of March 18. For more details, visit our friends at Image Comics right here.


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  1. Looks cool. Hard Sci-fi with a journo as the main character. Sounds like a tasty brew. A muck-raking word hack’s delight. Stirs memories of my young adult years obsessively remembering lines from Warren Ellis’ Transmet comics.

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