Variant cover art by Brian Level

Variant cover art by Brian Level

Fred Van Lente (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four) knows how to spin a yarn. In “Ivar, Timewalker,” he takes us on a time-traveling adventure full of heart. With one of these stories, you’ve got to have a device or portal or some kind of method. Here, we’ve got the Tachyon Compass. And you’d better have compelling characters too and we do with Neela and Ivar. You see, Ivar seems to have gone rogue. And, Neela, who has been pursuing him, has also fallen in love with him. Go figure. These things happen. If it’s not attempting to kill Hitler, then love is in the air.

Back with his partner, artist Clayton Henry (Archer & Armstrong), Van Lente rolls out a daringly gritty and funny tale. It’s a balancing act, for sure. Neela is quite the spitfire and takes her fire spitting seriously. And you need a sense of humor when you delve into some Nazi torture. It gets a bit bloody but it’s all one of a piece and makes sense within context.


So, while in hot pursuit of Ivar, Neela loses him and gains a stalker, The Lurker. With Issue 3, we find Neela desperately trying to get back on track. She stumbles upon Gilad, Ivar’s brother from another life, and nearly sideswipes Hitler! And then there are these creatures from the fourth dimension who would like to have a word with Neela if only she’d hold still long enough. Pretty good stuff.

IVAR, TIMEWALKER #3 is available as of March 18. For more details, visit our friends at Valiant Entertainment right here.

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