TRUMPWORLD: Brett Kavanaugh Loves Beer!

Brett Kavanaugh Loves Beer!

From his opening statement today, one thing is for sure, Brett Kavanaugh Loves Beer! For such a supposedly sophisticated legal mind, Kavanaugh has stumbled and simply come across as upset. “If everyone who loves beer was accused of sexual assault, that would be a very sad world,” stated Kavanaugh today. He proceeded with repeatedly stating how much he still loves beer. Is this a great legal mind? Is this a person of good character? Clearly there is absolutely no moral equivalence between Kavanaugh’s testimony and Dr. Ford’s testimony.

The three accusers of Kavanaugh have welcomed FBI investigations. Kavanaugh talks circles around it when asked if he would welcome an FBI investigation.

Even Senator Lindsey Graham’s histrionic defense of Kavanaugh rings hollow.


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6 responses to “TRUMPWORLD: Brett Kavanaugh Loves Beer!

  1. Ray

    Uch, these people are the worst.

    Nice sketch of yours that really captures the essence there!

  2. selizabryangmailcom

    That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, watching that guy have an emotional meltdown that smacked of self-pity, deluded self-righteous anger and remorse for nobody but himself. After all, it appears that Dr. Ford was treated badly by someone. It just wasn’t him! Someone brought up a good point on the news: that he looked just like the person other people have described him as when he’s drunk: angry and belligerent. Gulping down glass after glass of water, red in the face, sniffling. It was truly horrifying. Not used to having to explain himself, obviously. Used to being in charge, handing out the sentences. Not used to coming under scrutiny. Not used to not getting his way.

  3. drkottaway

    I am very tired of the “boys will be boys” excusing teen males for drinking and drugging, while the discriminatory trope of “if she’s drunk she’s a bad girl and fair game.” As a culture, we have to say to everyone: if you are on a substance you are still responsible for your actions and that it is NOT ok for teens to use substances. And I don’t think it’s appropriate to have a Supreme Court Justice who “loves beer” — what message does that send our teens and all Americans? Go ahead and drink and what is done while you are drunk is excused?

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