Trumpland: VOTE HIM OUT!

The Mad King is not pleased.

Sometimes, more often than not, a drawing demands that it be drawn and shared. Here is such an example. I created this illustration upon viewing what is such an iconic and powerful moment. This just happened about an hour ago at this writing. You can easily search for news about it. I think even the most ardent Trump supporter can concede the optics are not good. Just take a look. Trump looks like the Mad King none too pleased. It doesn’t take him too long to finally realize it’s time to retreat back to the castle or, yeah, the White House.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump was booed Thursday as he paid respects to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He plans to nominate a replacement this weekend for the liberal justice, best known for her advancement of women’s rights.



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6 responses to “Trumpland: VOTE HIM OUT!

  1. I really wander what the outcome of the election will be 🤔

    • I know! I tend to think a large enough number of U.S. voters are ready to turn the page and they will go with Biden. Many voters who did not vote in 2016, perhaps assuming a Clinton win, will vote this time around. Trump has his base of support but he has not expanded from that diehard core of supporters. That remains a huge problem for him.

      • That’s very interesting and true! With a greater number of participants, it will be interesting to see what happens. Also, being in charge in a pandemic will remove some of his support, as naturally people will question his handling of their health. But he would also need a strong and persuasive opponent…

      • There are so many things to factor in. The debates always seem to help undecided voters. We have the first one scheduled for next Tuesday, September 29th. It could be the most watched, or talked about, presidential debate in American history.

  2. selizabryangmailcom

    I definitely think there’s enough voters this time to vote Donald Trump out. But the Macheavellian shenanigans have already started, even including removing mail boxes from streets! Regardless if the PO General was ordered to stop, you know there’ll be more. And if most people vote by ballot, the delay in getting them counted will add to the chaos. Trump already has his base believing that only his winning will be real. Biden winning will be fake news!

    • Everything seems to be moving in slow motion for me with this presidential cycle. Just imagine what it will be like after the official election day has come and gone. I also remember Bush v Gore like it was yesterday. If only Gore had not conceded. If only a few more hanging chads had not left us all hanging. Now, a main question could be, If only more Americans had called out Trump on all of his lies.

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