‘Derborence: When the Mountain Fell’ GN Release in US from Helvetiq

Helvetiq, a publishing house based in Switzerland, announces: Derborence: When the Mountain Fell, based on the classic by C. F. Ramuz of the same name, is being released today in the US and has already been released in Europe in French and German. This graphic novel adaptation highlights the mysteries hidden in the great mountains of Switzerland and is the first in a series of adaptations of C. F. Ramuz’s novels. Derborence is the story of a devastating alpine landslide, of the grief-stricken villagers who are haunted by what they believe is the ghost of a man who should not have survived, and of a woman who refuses to give up hope.
So, that’s the initial brief version of the press release. I love the look and feel of the PDF that I just received so I decided to just jump in and post this. Am I familiar with the work of Fabian Menor? Hmm, I appreciate the loose style.  For loyal readers of this site, you know that I’ll sometimes point you in the right direction with a quick note and circle back later with more. Keep this under consideration and, as I suggest, I will come back to it before you know it.

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