Art: ‘Feelings, Facts’ by Zebadiah Keneally

Feelings, Facts.

Here is a work by artist Zebadiah Keneally. This is original art that I received as a gift and I thought I’d share it with you. I’m assuming the text in the piece is the title: “Feelings, Facts.” If you haven’t already, you can find my in-depth interview with the artist here where we discuss his debut graphic novel, All The Things I Know.  I think this piece is quite a striking observation of the zeitgeist: a time of extraordinarily heightened emotions that cloud our reason. We stay on this path and we’re guaranteed a big fall. Some would say we’re already in free fall.

Be sure to seek out Zebadiah Keneally’s mind-blowing epic graphic novel featuring a search for self and a battle royale between gods and humans. All The Things I Know is published by Apartamento.

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