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Interview: Mike Capozzola, Stand-Up Comedian and Published Cartoonist (See him at Seattle Comedy Underground June 14, 2015)


Mike Capozzola is a San Francisco stand-up comedian and published cartoonist. He’s very funny and thoughtful and a great guy to chat with about pop culture. He’ll be in my hometown, Seattle, to perform at the Comedy Underground on Sunday, June 14th. This is a perfect time to check out one of the most distinctive and cool comedy venues in the country.

Capozzola will perform his multimedia comedy show about sci-fi films, secret agents, werewolves, and superheroes. It’s called “Emperor Ming’s Mercilessly Spicy Wings and Other Tales.” You can find more details right here.

Emperor Ming-Mike-Capozzola

Corporations that have jumped on the geek bandwagon are not your friends. Heck, corporations aren’t even actually people. And the people who run these corporations don’t care, or begin to understand, what the term “geek” means. But folks like Mike Capozzola do get it. His show revolves around a natural love for geeky stuff.


Amid his wide spectrum of work, what shines through is a relentless pursuit of offbeat humor. We chat here about what exactly the title of his show is all about and end up discussing pop culture in a significant way. We weren’t afraid to pull back the curtain and comment upon the brazen highjacking of the idea of being authentic, or “geek,” by commercial interests.


Byway of discussing the title for his show in this interview, Capozzola shared his love for the webcomic, “The Perry Bible Fellowship” by Nicholas Gurewitch. In relation to Capozzola’s obscure reference to Emperor Ming, he cites Gurewitch’s story, “The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories,” where the good colonel appears in only a couple of panels. Now that’s some good geek street cred!

You can listen to the interview right below:

So, if you’re in Seattle, be sure to see Mike Capozzola at the Comedy Underground on Sunday, June 14. And visit Mike at his site right here.


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When in San Francisco, make sure to visit the Cartoon Art Museum. It is a very special place dedicated to the comics medium. And it could use your help! A fund drive is under way. Read on.

Please Support the Cartoon Art Museum’s 

Annual Fund Drive!  

San Francisco, CA: Help the Cartoon Art Museum ring in the new year by supporting its 2012 Annual Fund Drive!

The past year was one of the busiest in the museum’s 27-year history, with exhibitions focusing on contemporary comic strips, The Wizard of Oz, Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL, Bloom County, Archie Comics, Green Lantern, Looney Tunes, Troubletown and Cartoonists Remember September 11.  Programs included the museum’s eighth annual fundraiser at Pixar Animation Studios, a cartooning master class with Hilary Price, the award-winning creator of the syndicated comic strip Rhymes with Orange, presentations by animator Bill Plympton, comic strip creator Stephan Pastis, graphic novelist Craig Thompson and New Yorker cartoonists Matt Diffee, C. Covert Darbyshire and Drew Dernavich, and a WonderCon weekend party with special guest Berkeley Breathed, as well as our ongoing programming including a monthly cartoonist-in-residence and Saturday afternoon kids’ cartooning classes.

The coming year looks to be just as exciting, with exhibitions featuring the artists of Mad Magazine, a look back at 20 years of Image Comics, a 30th anniversary celebration of Los Bros. Hernandez’s groundbreaking comic book Love and Rockets, The Avengers, the Latino Comics Expo and planned collaborations with artists from some of today’s top animation studios, with special programming tied in to each exhibition.

Please support the Cartoon Art Museum in 2012 as we continue to serve the public with a full roster of exhibitions, public programming and educational outreach.  Your tax-deductible donation can be sent by mail, online, by calling (415) CAR-TOON (227-8666), ext. 300 or through our website: <>.  The staff and board of the Cartoon Art Museum thank you for your continued support!


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