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You just gotta love Robert Downey Jr. The man has star power to spare. A world tour for “IRON MAN 3” has just wrapped up in London. It looks like everyone had a jolly good time.

Iron Man 3 Premiere

Iron Man 3 Premiere

Iron Man 3 Premiere

More photos from London and a press release follow:

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Iron Man On The Brain

Today is Free Comic Book Day and I have two titles to suggest: Iron Man/Thor (Matt Fraction and John Romita Jr.) and Iron Man: Supernova (Paul Tobin and Craig Rousseau)

Is Nova ready to take on an Avengers gig? You be the judge.

So, the countdown is on. Iron Man 2 hits the theaters May 7.

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Sherlock Holmes In Search of a Taquito

Caught this fabulous piece of work outside my local 7-Eleven. What does it mean? I’m not sure. Did they have taquitos in the 19th century? Yeah, I think Sherlock Holmes was addicted to them.

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Bonus Track: John Watkiss Sherlock Holmes art (SPOILER ALERT)

SPOILER ALERT for our more sensitive viewers. I’ll make a similar announcement after the first three images just in case you missed it. And here’s the plug: You can see the whole show of John Watkiss art at Gallery Nucleus which I mentioned at Newsarama awhile back. Consider this a bonus track, a chance to see a bunch of the art from the show at a glance with your old friend, me.

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Bonus Track: John Watkiss Sherlock Holmes art

So, help yourself to some cheese and crackers. The bartender will take your order. Just thought I’d throw this little afterparty. Stay awhile and admire the art by John Watkiss. Yeah, it is central to that famous mystery surrounding a graphic novel as the basis for the Robert Downey Jr. “Sherlock Holmes” movie. These are illustrations that were drawn up from a script that a producer used to sell the movie to studios. Have I said this before? Hey, it’s been a long week. Anyway, someone will find this interesting.

I should mention again here a SPOILER ALERT for our more sensitive viewers. Maybe that should be my new thing: I just keeping warning everyone with spoiler alerts. Wouldn’t that be nice if there was always someone around to warn you when something bad was going to happen to you with a spoiler alert? That would be pretty awesome. Anyway, don’t mind me, keep mingling. Smile and nod. I really don’t see a need to annouce a spoiler alert but someone suggested it. Yeah, the drunk guy over there who keeps saying “spoiler alert” like I’m starting to do. Of course, stuff is depicted here that will be in the movie but it really shouldn’t hurt a darn old thing. As I’ve said, I’m just going to the movie to see Robert Downey Jr. do his thing and exchange some witty banter with Jude Law. And it’s also very nice to have the very lovely Rachel McAdams on board.

Also, notice that the art is dated, “2006.” Wow, these things take forever to get off the ground, don’t they? Of course, some projects are decades in the making or never get made. As I conclude in my Comics Grinder review at Newsarama, which you really should read unless you already have, John Watkiss did great artwork for the graphic novel from the ’90s, “Ring of Roses,” but it did not ultimately add up to a great graphic novel. However, after all these years, it looks like it may end up as a pretty good movie. Sometimes, things just take a long time to find a home. Which reminds me: Everybody, time to go home.

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