24 Hour Comics Day: A Night At The Sorrento

I am doing a special 24 Hour Comics Day event at the Sorrento Hotel this year which takes place October 20 – 21. I am proudly sponsored by the leading comics shop in Seattle, Comics Dungeon.  In the same spirit as Molly Crabapple’s solo performances, I have booked a night at a marvelous hotel where I alone will create art throughout the night. This is not just any hotel. This is the landmark Sorrento Hotel that has been providing Seattle with its old world charm since 1909. It is regal. It is sophisticated. And it has stories to tell. My goal is to tell a story, or more, that do justice to this beautiful treasure of a hotel.

The goal of the 24 Hour Comics Day event, observed world-wide, is to complete a 24-page comics narrative during 24 hours. That’s what I will be doing. I will be drawing my heart out. In the process, I will have not only my comics project but any number of drawings that I will be able to work up into paintings at a later date. I will complete a 24-page narrative which I intend to build up into a graphic novel. Basically, I will make the most of this wonderful and exciting opportunity for any writer, artist and cartoonist. I will be discreet, respectful and play it by ear as to whether I’m at the bar in the Hunt Club or lounging at the Fireside room. Essentially, you’ll find me somewhere in the Sorrento Hotel while I am a guest at the hotel, from the time of check in at 4 pm on Saturday, October 20, up until check out the next day at noon. So, if you happen to spot me drawing, feel free to say hello. That same day, October 20, Comics Dungeon will host two amazing talents, Erika Moen and Jeff Parker who will be signing their collaboration, the graphic novel,”Bucko,” a very sexy and funny murder mystery.


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