24 HOUR COMICS DAY: A Night At The Sorrento

A fine day and night’s work. Here is my comic for 24 Hour Comics Day, 2012.

A new day begins and new challenges and opportunities. I loved being here at the Sorrento Hotel and I look forward to coming back. I feel there is still more to learn and enjoy about this beautiful hotel. I’m just feeling very inspired. I’m an artist. I’m a writer. And, putting both of those passions together, I’m a cartoonist. Now I embark on developing “A Night At The Sorrento” further.

I will tell you now that “A Night At The Sorrento and Other Stories” will be a Kickstarter campaign. Stay tuned. I hope I can count on your support when the campaign launches.

24 Hour Comics Day is all about making the most of your time. So, go out there and make the most of your day.



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2 responses to “24 HOUR COMICS DAY: A Night At The Sorrento

  1. Jennifer Daydreamer

    Wait. What about the ghosts? And Paris? I wanted to see Paris! is there more? It is great so far!


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