24 HOUR COMICS DAY: First Impressions

The Sorrento Hotel is a wonderful experience from the moment you walk in the door and you’re greeted at the front desk. I think the staff are very courteous and friendly and I find the Sorrento to be so full of character. I love my room. It has a nice view that provides me a catbird’s seat to new arrivals and the activity down below. There’s plenty of room to settle into and a big fancy desk to get to work on.

I’ll have to get some dinner soon. And I’ll settle into the Fireside Room later on and listen to some jazz. I have a good layout already under way with plenty of room for changes and additions, just the way it should be for a 24 Hour Comics Day. And thanks always to Comics Dungeon for their sponsorship. And expect an awesome book to come from all this. You can see some of my previous work here. A page from “The Dog Who Would Be King” was auctioned off this year at the annual Artist Trust Benefit Art Auction.

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