24 HOUR COMICS DAY: Further Down the Rabbit Hole

The trick to a successful 24 Hour Comics Day is to be a truly bad mofo. You’re into staying awake and drawing like crazy.

There is no easy way about it. You can’t cram for this. You can’t try to do this ahead of time. You just do it.

So, if you’re in a venue with a variety of possibilities, you stake your spot and go from there. I chose to spend a good bit of time at the Sorrento’s Hunt Club.

I also made sure to visit to legendary “haunted” fourth floor. There’s something about room #408. Let me know if you find out. Something happened in there, at least in urban legend.

And, of course, your feet get restless. You get itchy feet and need to wander about a bit. The soles of your feet are crying for stimulation, right?  I chose to try the nearby watering hole, The Hideout. Here are a few photos of the men’s room artwork. Pretty cool, huh? Well, definitely above average. Must be the local artist element at work.

Okay, back to work.

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