Review: BOOBAGE by Monica Gallagher


“Boobage,” is a mini-comic by Monica Gallager that covers, or unveils, a very personal preoccupation with a lot of wit and humor. So, what do you instantly think of when you put such greats together as Kate Hudson, Clare Danes, Gwen Stefani, and Bridget Fonda? The one thing that Gallager used to have trouble with was their (and her own) relatively small breasts, or “tits.” It’s okay, she says “tits” a lot. Gallagher isn’t afraid to tackle the tit issue, large or small. This won’t really be of interest to those who objectify and sexualize but it may give them some pause. Hey Jimmy, or whoever, those hooters you salivate over belong to a real human being.


What Gallagher does is keep the focus on the subject at a personal level. In her case, she grew up thinking her boobs were too small and therefore, inferior in some way. She does a great job of brining us into her early years which revolved around ballet practice and confiding over and comparing tits among her friends. Somebody must be hiding something they all should know. Oh, yes, birth control pills. While not without its side effects, it did help some girls fill out and it did make periods far more tolerable for other girls.


Gallagher’s drawing style is direct and engaging. She has a nice command of anatomy, body language, and facial expressions. She has a very inviting quality to her work and her writing. There isn’t a false note to be found. This mini-comic should prove an excellent calling card. I look forward to seeing more of Monica Gallagher’s work.

“Boobage” is a 23-page comic, priced at $2.99, suggested for ages 12 and up, which you can find at ComiXology here. And make sure to visit Monica here.


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  1. The world of comics has certainly opened up since Marvel! And thank the lordy. And who’s going to pass that title without taking a second look?

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