Interview: Joel Craig on Being An Actor, Nurse, and Cartoonist


Joel Craig loves a challenge. He is pursuing three of them: acting, nursing, and cartooning. Yes, if you’re serious about each of these professions, they can all take a lot out of you. And they can all definitely give back to you. WELCOME TO NURSING HELL0, Joel Craig’s recently released graphic memoir, is a very funny and insightful collection of comics. You can read my review here. He’s in the thick of it, living and working in Los Angeles and navigating a busy life.


In this interview, Joel and I talk about achieving that balance in life. Joel has a distinctive minimal style that compliments his pithy observations. Joel’s comics began as mini comics available through Microcosm Publishing, a longtime source for the best in independent media. And his diligence has paid off as his work has made into its first collected book. It’s all about balance. We talk about how each focus in life feeds off each other and what can result.


He has an uninhibited way of looking at the world. His comics are natural and conversational. He allows his dreams to make their way onto the comics pages, even dreams that involve the queen of pop, Madonna.


You can listen to our conversation below, just click onto the link:

You can find Joel Craig’s first collection of comics, WELCOME TO NURSING HELLo, in print and for Kindle, at Amazon right here.

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