Review: GENESIS by Nathan Edmondson and Alison Sampson


“Genesis,” published by Image Comics, is quite a remarkable one-shot with a dreamy quality to both script and artwork. It is written by Nathan Edmondson (WHO IS JAKE ELLS, The Punisher, Black Widow) and debut artist Alison Sampson. Right from the start, you are swept away by this unconventional story. With both a casual and precise style, Sampson brings to mind many of the great cartoonists that give their work a improvisational quality, from Sergio Toppi to Howard Chaykin. The whole premise to this story feels quite spontaneous: here’s a man, Adam, who has the ability to literally change the world, everything and everyone, from tractor trailers, to shopping malls, to even his own wife, Lillian.


One of the highest compliments you can pay a comic is that it achieves broad appeal. Really, this will appeal to any reader. There is some mild adult content so I can’t say it’s totally an all-ages book but pretty close. Let’s say tween and up. What you’ve got here is an examination at the limits of creativity, part essay, part poem, part weird story. What if you could let your imagination run wild and literally create whatever you could think of? Hmm, only one problem, can you trust your mind, your innermost thoughts? This comic provides quite an intriguing premise and delivers something that feels as effortless as your own thought process.


“Genesis” is in comic book stores as of April 16 and bookstores on April 29. At 68 pages (with extras) and only $6.99, it is the perfect introduction to graphic novels for lovers of surreal and magical literature, and a treat for longtime comics readers as well. You can check out more about this comic here.

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