Review: OUT OF TIME, published by Obscure Reference Comics


“I hate my job,” says Redmond, our main character. He is stuck in quite a rut. Whoever thought time travelling was exciting, had never seen it from his point of view. In the hilarious comic book, “Out of Time,” we follow Redmond around and get to see the nuts and bolts running of a time travel service. This is a very well-paced comic with a great dry sense of humor. This is one of the comics you can find at the Glasgow Comic Con, Scotland’s Comic Book Festival. That takes place this weekend, July 5-6, 2014. Let’s take a close look at this comic.

Poor Redmond. He’d have been much happier if the space time continuum had just been left well enough alone. However, time stands still for no man. The secrets of time travel have now been harnessed and, for the right price, you too can time travel. Of course, the risks are huge. You can tell customers until you are blue in the face to not interfere with historical events but do they listen?

Luke James Halsall’s script is in step with what we Americans find to be quirky UK humor. It never seems to register high or low. It is at a steady droll keel. And, within that sensibility, there can be all sorts of fun and surprises. A good rule of thumb is to just roll with the sarcastic vibe. As one of the characters points out, Americans have a hard time with sarcasm since they tend to take things too seriously.

The artwork by Cuttlefish is a nice light minimal style. Imagine if some of the characters from cartoons in The New Yorker decided to band together. The flow from page to page is quite engaging. There is a clean and consistent look throughout. Cuttlefish and Halsall are quite in tune with each other. I just love the depiction of Clive. He makes a great Cheshire Cat sort of character. That comes later in the story as, you guessed it, Redmond and the gang are on the hunt for whoever went and messed up the future.

“Out of Time” is published by Obscure Reference Comics. You can visit our friends at OR Comics right here.

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