H.R. Giger homage in Elephantmen #59

H.R. Giger homage in Elephantmen #59

This is an interesting time to drop in on “Elephantmen,” with its tribute to ALIEN designer H.R. Giger, who passed away earlier this year. This is apparently not your typical issue of this comic which finds, according to Image Comics, that “Hip Flask learns that no one is safe now.” That said, it looks like it fits right in with the spirit of this masterfully oddball comic: story by Richard Starkings; art by Axel Medellin; cover by Boo Cook.

Entitled, “The Motherload,” you’ll find H.R. Giger waxing philosophical in a full tilt boogie. Partly tongue-in-cheek, it can bring to mind a classic MAD Magazine parody/tribute with the constant “Undt,” referring to a thick German accent, prefacing just about every remark. Of course, the funny thing about a good MAD Magazine spoof is how much heart you’ll find along with the gags. In this case, we’re not really all that jokey here. This is more a Giger interlude to cleanse the palette as the regular characters in the comic deal with Sahara’s new baby and all its implications, both mundane and profound. “Undt,” indeed.

That said, this will all make more sense within the collected trade but, for now, it’s a fun companion piece to the Alien and Predator crossover event over at Dark Horse Comics.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect from the Giger ranting. It is actually pretty cool and creepy, often ending in the refrain, “Nothing is ever as it seems.” Here’s a little bit:

The female is one person before impregnation, another after. One life is over, a new one is begun. Who would not be afraid?

You see, there must always be a little death for metempsychosis — the transmigration of a soul — to take place.

For more information, visit of friends at Image Comics right here.

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