Batton Lash’s New Kickstarter: A VAMPIRE IN HOLLYWOOD

Batton Lash

Batton Lash, a comics legend in his own right, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign in support of his latest collection, “A Vampire in Hollywood.” You can join the campaign, which runs thru March 11th, right here.

Batton Lash Vampire in Hollywood

With a distinctive wit and style, Batton Lash has entertained readers over the years with the misadventure of “Wolff and Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre,” the only law firm that represents vampires, zombies, and other ghouls. Wolff and Byrd has subsequently been known simply as, “Supernatural Law.” It is a cross between Archie comics and The Walking Dead. It is definitely something different!

Press release follows:

Batton Lash launches A Vampire in Hollywood Kickstarter Campaign

Cartoonist Batton Lash has been self-publishing his Supernatural Law comic books and trade paperbacks for over two decades. The humor/horror series, about two lawyers who defend monsters and the supernaturally afflicted, has won numerous awards and made Batton a popular guest at comic conventions.

Now Batton has launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish A Vampire in Hollywood, And Other Stories of Supernatural Law, volume 7 in the ongoing graphic novel series. The previous volumes collect issues 1-40 of the Supernatural Law comic book and the spinoff series Mavis 1-4; this 192-page volume collects Supernatural Law 41-45 and Mavis 5. The introduction to the new book is by Jeff Smith, famed writer/artist of the worldwide bestselling series Bone.

The goal is $9,500, which will help produce and print the book and have it out in time for Comic-Con in San Diego. Lash has conducted three successful Kickstarter campaigns for previous trade paperbacks, and he appreciates all the support that backers have provided, funding the publication of The Monsters Meet on Court Street (volume 6 in the collected comics series), the full-color original graphic novel The Werewolf of New York, and the full-color collection Zombie Wife.

Backers of the project can sign up to become the Hollywood player their choice, from gaffer to publicist to producer. At the “Supporting Player” level, for instance, they get a set of six postcards depicting the covers of the six comics included in the collection. To get the book (signed by Batton) with the set of postcards, they can choose the “Key Grip” level. And if they want a personalized drawing in by Batton in their copy of the book, they can select the “Special FX” level.

Among the premiums and add-ons available to backers are other volumes in the Supernatural Law series, T-shirts, a 2017 calendar, French and Spanish collections of the first several issues, and customized original paintings by Batton.

The Kickstarter campaign runs thru March 11, 2016. You can join it right here.


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