Comics: A Day at the Beach by Henry Chamberlain

Comics on the beach, right? In theory, at least, you could create comics on the beach. You could also read comics on the beach! As long as you’re not a comics collector, you don’t have much to worry about since that comic book is likely going to get trashed any number of ways: sun, wind, sand, maybe even a crab. . . or a shark. But something is going to happen. It’s the great outdoors! You’re at the beach! So, it’s going to be a challenge. As for creating a comic on the beach, well, that’s possible. Probably best to keep things simple, minimal. Anyway, here is a comic by yours truly.


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6 responses to “Comics: A Day at the Beach by Henry Chamberlain

  1. It’s tough to relax at the beach when you’re a crab. So many things want to eat you. Maybe even that chill guy. RUN AWAY!

  2. Ahhh. I haven’t been to the beach in many years. I think you just flipped that switch. Time to go back!

  3. Lol, what kind of margarita were you sippin’?

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