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Design: NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR BAND by Greenwich Letterpress


Yeah, it’s true. Nobody cares about your band. Check out other pithy greeting cards from Greenwich Letterpress here. They know style, with the discerning eye of a true New Yorker.

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The Art of Cecilia Pego, Mexico’s “Graphic Novel Diva”

Michael Dooley, at Print magazine, has a two-part interview with C.S. Pego, who has been called, Mexico’s “graphic novel diva.” She has certainly carved an impressive niche for herself. She began as a political cartoonist, evolved into doing a noir comic strip and is now writing a fantasy series with exquisitely hypnotic artwork. The first book in the series is “Exilia: The Invisible Path” and you can find it here. Her art is, at turns, mysterious, sexy and quintessentially Mexican.

Mr. Dooley’s interview is an in-depth look at a respected artist in the graphic arts as well as an artist to make Mexico proud. For the interview, this is part one. And this is part two.


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