COMIN PROJECT (Interactive Comics) Seeks Funds For A Whole New Way to Experience Comics

Kickstarter campaign runs thru May 17, 2014

Kickstarter campaign runs thru May 17, 2014

We love to read comics. How about reading comin? Comin?

Comin means two things: an interactive comic and a brand new open media standard. The talented team at the Comin Project are experts on both comics and comin.

COMIN PROJECT offers a whole new way to experience comics. Now, hold on there, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well, it means a lot. We’re talking about a revolutionary change in how comics are viewed, and created, by making them interactive in a whole new way. Think more of it as two main things: the COMIN READER and the COMIN WRITER. Both readers and creators have something to gain. Support the campaign at Kickstarter right here. Read this straight from the Comin Project team:

The project consists of two apps: the Comin Reader and Comin Writer. The Comin Reader is for readers to download and digest both traditional and interactive comics on their mobile devices or personal computers. The Comin Writer is for both hobbyists and professionals to write, layout, and publish interactive comics or convert and publish traditional comics in a way that is easily viewable within the Comin Reader.

Comin. That’s the name for new comics.

There’s the Comin Reader.


There’s the Comin Writer.


And there’s all the comics you’ll be able to read on the Comin Reader, including comics made in-house like “Rono, Pain,” a growing roster of independent creators, as well as 15,000 free Golden Age comics.


You’ll want to check out for yourself just what this could mean for you as a reader or a creator of comics. I’ve highlighted a little here to give you just a taste. This is all about the love of comics that benefits anyone involved with comics. I am proud to be associated with the good people at the Comin Project and have my own comic, “Bear Karma,” as one of the early entries. As you’ll see, there is plenty for every kind of reader, covering all genres.

Help support the Comin Project campaign at Kickstarter going on right now, through May 17, right here.

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