Interview: Jeremiah Greco and the Comin Revolution



If you are a comics creator, whether superhero or mini-comic or whatever, Comin will blow your mind. Create new work or take existing work and turn it into interactive comics. And, for comics readers, this is an exciting new place for comics.

In my interview with Jeremiah Greco, the founder of Comin, we get to talk at length about what comin is all about and what it means to you: very cool comics.

Jeremiah Greco describes how Comin has evolved:”It began as me building apps for indiviual stories. Then I developed it into an app to load any story into and that got people excited. It went on to become a whole platform, a framework for anyone to use. I wanted to make this a new standard for storytelling. That’s how Comin came about, an open standard that anyone can build software for. We have a prototype and another on the way. It’s just a matter of getting it to the finish line.”


Check out the Kickstarter campaign, now thru May 17, here.

Just click below for my interview with Jeremiah Greco. We talk about how he got involved with the technology behind Comin. We get a thorough understanding of the Comin Reader and Comin Writer. And, as you’ll find out, from this interview and visiting the Kickstarter campaign, Comin is truly something special and exciting news for everyone involved with comics:

The Comin Project Kickstarter campaign runs now through May 17. You can visit the campaign here.

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