ZCO.MX Offers Readers a World of Great Indie Comics

From Roger Langridge's "The Iron Duchess," available at Zco.mx

From Roger Langridge’s “The Iron Duchess,” available at ZCO.MX

ZCO.MX is a new and unique place to find some of the best work from leading contemporary cartoonists. ZCO.MX is where you can instantly read some of the best comics around with their “try before you buy” model. The goal is to foster goodwill among the comics community, cartoonists and readers in this together. You can read and share comics for free and then you have an opportunity to directly contribute to the cartoonists who made that work.

Here is a brief description from the ZCO.MX site:

zco.mx is a curated not-for-profit comic-sharing website for self-publishing cartoonists and their readers. The site brings cartoonists together to build and share an audience, and readers can contribute money directly to cartoonists for works they enjoy. zco.mx offers a platform where self-publishing cartoonists can make their material available to readers with a simple-to-use user interface and where books can be uploaded within minutes.

You’ll just have to see for yourself and explore. There is so much great work to choose from that it is truly like you’re at a comic arts festival like SPX, TCAF, CAB, CAKE, Short Run, or CALA.

So, no doubt, this is an exciting new venue for new readers and longtime fans alike. Below are just a few samples of what is available. What you’ll find is work from such longtime indie favorites like Roger Langridge, David Lasky, and Jordan Crane, along with a host of other new and emerging talents. And I am honored to be able to count myself among the contributing cartoonists here.

Jordan Crane's "Uptight #1," available at ZCO.MX.

Jordan Crane’s “Uptight #1,” available at ZCO.MX

"Old Port," by Evangelos Androutsopoulos, available at ZCO.MX

“Old Port,” by Evangelos Androutsopoulos, available at ZCO.MX

"Kill the Witch," by Henry Chamberlain, available at ZCO.MX

“Kill the Witch,” by Henry Chamberlain, available at ZCO.MX

David Lasky's "Manifesto Items #3," available at ZCO.MX

David Lasky’s “Manifesto Items #3,” available at ZCO.MX

Kelsey Wroten's "Chevalier," available at ZCO.MX

Kelsey Wroten’s “Chevalier,” available at ZCO.MX

And I’ll tell you something, you will want to explore this site. This is true for any reader as well as fellow cartoonists. ZCO.MX has good-hearted stuff, edgy stuff, offbeat stuff, a truly wide spectrum of comics. And you’ll find commonalities. Yeah, quirky common ground shared by a lot of cartoonists like, huh, the idea of killing a witch. Who knew, right? Case in point: Roger Langridge’s “Tamsin and Papa Walking to School One October Morning,” all about killing a witch (find it here), and my own comic that brashly cuts to the chase in the title, “Kill the Witch!” You can find it here. Okay, go to it, and make your own connections!

From Roger Langridge's "Tamsin and Papa Walking to School One October Morning," available at ZCO.MX

From Roger Langridge’s
“Tamsin and Papa Walking to School One October Morning,” available at ZCO.MX

Be sure to visit our friends at ZCO.MX right here.


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5 responses to “ZCO.MX Offers Readers a World of Great Indie Comics

  1. Tamsin and Papa -very funny -excellent drawing and great ending. Tristian and the Gaza Strip – wow – says so much/ says it all so cleverly and in such a concise manner. Kill the Witch – wry, bleak, shocking -clever -a warning to developers and new home owners 🙂
    ZCO.MX seems like an great idea to get your (and other cartoonists) work out to a wider audience – try before you buy is very appealing. All the best for building your readership.

  2. Jay

    We aren’t supposed to judge books by their covers, but I think some art speaks to you so loudly that you can’t wait to see how it continues inside. I follow my gut and pick up the graphics that speak to me.

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