Our featured cartoon is entitled, “Free of Social Media Tyranny,” and was created in response to a snide comment that Hurricane Nancy received suggesting that she needed to be doing “political cartoons,” when that had nothing to do with what she was up to. So, she didn’t care for the comment. Well, these abrupt and harmful misunderstandings occur all too often on social media, thus the title to this piece!

Rounding out the collection this time around are a couple of intriguing animal-themed works. I hope you enjoy them!

As always, it’s a real treat here at Comics Grinder to present to you work by Hurricane Nancy. And be on the lookout for a collection of Nancy’s work to be published by Fantagraphics. More on that as we get closer to the release date.


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8 responses to “Hurricane Nancy: FREE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TYRANNY

  1. Vicki Gailzaid

    Love your new entry!

  2. Love your work. Really creative. And they make me smile. 🙂

  3. selizabryangmailcom

    That’s incredible, snide remarks about what someone “should” be doing.The amazing cajones people grow in social media where it’s effortless to have an unwanted opinion, huh? I liked it better in the past when people had to say things face to face. Therefore, of course, they said A LOT LESS than all the BS that’s being spewed out now. Good luck to H.N. !! 🙂

    • People are at each other’s throats, “debate” escalates into a virtual fist fight, all inside the big bubble of social media. Real creativity, exploration, experimentation, real thought in general, all suffers or is simply drowned out.

  4. Douglass

    That Hurricane Nancy is a special Krazy lady which is why we love her. The bird ..the dog and of course the one on free of social tyranny are all great. And to me it expressed the idea of looking at what you want and seeing what you see. One added thing…you should do more kartoons on teddy bears( joke ..joke..this is a joke)

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