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Desperado Miller (Abby McEnany) rallies the troops.

I love quirky stuff and this hits the spot: a comedy about inept ghost hunters. Ghost Squad is a new project by Andy Kushnir, a staff writer for the popular game, Cards Against Humanity. Kushnir recently directed and co-wrote with his writing partner, Carley Moseley, this mockumentary pilot which releases to the public on October 1st.

Our story begins with a lead-in narration by head paranormal investigator, Desperado Miller (Abby McEnany). You can think of her as Michael Scott, the manager from The Office, played by Steve Carell. McEnany is hilarious as the ill-tempered and insecure psychic detective. Her ragtag team of misfits are either out for themselves or too self-absorbed to be of much help.

Zorba Dinkel (Jo Feldman) in search of chips and salsa.

One scene, to give you a taste, has one of our misfit investigators, Zorba Dinkel, (Jo Feldman) entranced by a vibe that leads her to a cupboard. She is transfixed by a pulsing energy that leads her to a bag of chips and, ultimately, to a jar of salsa! She has made quite a tasty connection with the other side. Very funny stuff.

This series gets to juggle a variety of tropes: office sitcom, reality-tv, and a touch of horror. The results are pleasing. Ghost Squad is definitely something to watch this October which, of course, is the kickoff to our cavalcade of holiday season entertainment.


Ghost Squad is the creation of Andy Kushnir and Carley Moseley. I look forward to more of their collaborative work.

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Review: ALPHA HOUSE, Created by Garry Trudeau for Amazon Studios


There are a number of reasons why you might be curious about this show. The main reason to see it is because it’s funny. Politics and humor go hand in hand but they don’t always add up to something really funny. Sometimes, it is sent to us by the Gods. What else explains Tina Fey as Sarah Palin? Sometimes, it is sent to us by Garry Trudeau. Yes, that Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist of “Doonesbury” fame. His humor is recognized as rather wry and dry. But for this series, he’s eased up a bit on the drollness. He allows his characters to breathe and, in doing so, has established a good extended rhythm for the small screen.

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THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF VICTORIA CLARKE is a high flying adventure where Steampunk, and its sister subculture, Dieselpunk, coexist beautifully. This story is set in 1920s Hollywood, beyond the Victorian perimeters of steampunk, but also is connected to it. Victoria Clarke’s family is solidly founded to Victorian London so the steampunk connection is deeply rooted.

THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF VICTORIA CLARKE is on its way to becoming an ongoing series of 10-15 minute webisodes. There is the potential for it to expand to include a graphic novel, a video game, and ultimately a feature film. A Kickstarter campaign is preparing to launch and we look forward to it.


We here at Comics Grinder have always embraced steampunk going back to our support of such artists as Molly Crabapple. Our own current Kickstarter campaign, A NIGHT AT THE SORRENTO AND OTHER STORIES, is very invested in steampunk with a loving regard to a bygone era in Seattle. You can view that campaign right here.

Vist our friends at The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke website here.


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