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If you’ve been watching the hit show, “Alien Dawn,” on Nicktoons, then you know all about the mysterious character, Stella, played by Zineb Oukach. If you’re new to it, you’ll want to check it out here. And you’ll want to catch up with Zineb Oukach. Her next role is in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street,” in theaters November 15, 2013. You can view details here.

“Alien Dawn” is a wonderful sci-fi show for all ages that gives you a healthy dose of adventure involving X-Files-type conspiracies and aliens from outer space. Keeping it real and relatable is a great cast for this character-driven show. There’s Cameron (played by Aaron Sauter); his best pal, Boris (played by Kenny Sosnowski); his close friend, Lucy (played by Christina Caradona); and his rival, Pierce (played by Nick Wincenc). Add to the mix, Stella, who is, and isn’t, what she seems. It’s pretty crazy. And definitely entertaining.

Zineb is a thoughtful, down-to-earth soul, who is also very passionate and full of energy. It was a pleasure to get a chance to interview her. She shares with us her growing up in Casablanca, her study of acting in Paris, and her taste for science fiction and action movies. Don’t be surprised if you should find her in one of your favorite action movies in the future. For now, she has another movie project she’s working on and, of course, she is looking forward to “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Our interview is just below:

Visit Zineb are her website here.

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INTERVIEW: “ALIEN DAWN” Creator, Larry Schwarz



“Alien Dawn” is the hot new sci-fi thriller on Nicktoons. Here is an interview with the show’s creator, Larry Schwarz. We talk about how the show originated and a whole lot more including the secret life of teens, asteroids, the hero’s journey, and the wonderful world of New York City. “Alien Dawn” takes you on a roller coaster ride as 16-year-old Cameron Turner quite literally finds the fate of the world on his shoulders. His dad has gone missing and he knows he didn’t just run out on his family. This is the thing, Cameron’s dad, Brad, is an astronaut hero who knows too much. He’s done his best to encrypt secret messages to his son in the graphic novels he created. With the help of his friends, Cameron might just be able to find his dad unless he digs too deep and is never heard from again himself.

Here is our podcast interview:


“Alien Dawn” awaits you. Tune in to Nicktoons on Fridays, 10 pm EST/ 7 pm PST, and you can get more info at Nicktoons here.

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